Statistical Programme for the Region

The Caribbean Community Secretariat launched an electronic forum early in May 2004 to facilitate discussions and suggestions on issues of importance in the field of statistics and also to guide the future development of statistics in the region. The development of a Draft Statistical Programme for the Region was on the agenda of the 28th Meeting of the Standing Committee of Caribbean Statisticians (SCCS) held in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands during 3-5 November 2003.

It was decided at the SCCS Meeting that further discussions were required on the paper that was presented as a result of which the Secretariat commenced the Internet-based forum to refine the programme. The discussions identified six (6) themes that reflected core issues requiring statistics and indicators to guide and assist the formulation of policies and decision-making in the Region. These themes were:

Economy, Finance and Investment;
Population, Demographics and Social and Living Conditions;
Information and Communication Technology (ICT);
Public Relations and Data Dissemination;
Statistical Coordination.

Each theme comprised programme areas such as tourism, international trade in services, investment flows, population and migration statistics.

In January 2005, the refined Statistical Work Programme and Resolution calling for investment in Statistics were presented to and accepted by the Fifteenth Meeting of the Community Council of Ministers in Georgetown, Guyana. The full text of the presentation is presented below. Details of the Regional Statistical Work Programme and Resolution as approved are also found on the links below.

An Advisory Group on Statistics comprising Directors of Statistics, representatives from the Secretariat and other organisations, was established in 2007 in order to effectively implement the Regional Statistical Programme, to realise the gains from the adoption of the Resolution and generally to take advantage of the decisions agreed to by Council, particularly with respect to the priority to be given to investing in the National Statistical Systems.

Resolution on Increased Investment in Statistics
Statistical Programme for the Region
Statistical Programme - Responsible Agencies
Statistical Programme - 3-year Action Plan
Presentation to Community Council of Ministers
Extract from Draft Conclusions and Recommendations of Community Council
Regional Statistical Work Programme (RSWP)

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