CARICOM's Intra-Regional Trade Publication


intrapubThe intra-regional trade report seeks to give in a single publication a profile of CARICOMís Member Statesí trade within the Intra-Regional market. The report presents summary as well as detailed trade information of individual Member Stateís trade with its Intra-Regional trading partners. Aggregated data showing the Regionís Intra-Regional trade as a bloc are also presented.

The tables cover summary totals for imports and exports disaggregated by the corresponding intra-regional trading partners; data disaggregated by the Standard International Trade Classification, Revision 4 (SITC, Rev4); and the major products traded intra-regionally by each country and the Region as a bloc.

These data were extracted from those submitted to the CARICOM Secretariat by the Central Statistical Offices of the Member States. Currently, the report does not contain data for the Haiti and The Bahamas.


This report is available for downloading in Adobe Acrobat.

CARICOM's Intra-Regional Trade, Vol. 1: 1990-2000   (3.26 MB)
CARICOM's Intra-Regional Trade: 2008-2013 (Provisional Report)   (5.22 MB)

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