34th Meeting of the Standing Committee of Caribbean Statisticians


The 34th Meeting of the Standing Committee of Caribbean Statisticians (SCCS) and the 17th Meeting of the Regional Census Coordinating Committee (RCCC) will be held in Castries, Saint Lucia at the Royal Saint Lucian Hotel on the 26 - 28 and 29 October 2009, respectively.


Convening Savingram 34th SCCS and 17th RCCC 524/2009 [ PDF ][HTML]
Agenda SCCS/2009/34/1 Rev. 2 [ PDF ][HTML]
Work Programme   [ PDF ][DOC]

Progress in the Compilation of Merchandise Trade Statistics

SCCS/2009/34/2 [ PDF ][HTML]
Progress in the Compilation and Dissemination of National Accounts
SCCS/2009/34/3 [ PDF ][HTML]
Status Report on the Caribbean Specific Millennium Development Goals (CSMDGs)
SCCS/2009/34/4 [ PDF ][HTML]

Efforts and Developing Statistics on International Trade in Services and Investment Flows

SCCS/2009/34/5 [ PDF ][HTML]
Development of Other Areas of Economic Statistics
SCCS/2009/34/6 [ PDF ][HTML]

The Development of Tourism Satellite Account (TSA): Status Report

SCCS/2009/34/7 [ PDF ][HTML]

Developmental work in the Area of Environmental Statistics and Proposed Work Plan for 2010/2011

SCCS/2009/34/8 [ PDF ][HTML]

Report on Regional Workshop on National Strategies for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) in the Caribbean Community

SCCS/2009/34/9 [ PDF ][HTML]

Caribbean Development Bank funded Multi-Programme Training in Demographic Analysis

SCCS/2009/34/10 [ PDF ][HTML]

Developmental work on the Measurement of Literacy in the Region

SCCS/2009/34/11 [ PDF ][HTML]

Development of the Online Statistics Helpdesk Facility

SCCS/2009/34/12 [ PDF ][PPT]
Status Report on Social/Gender Statistics
SCCS/2009/34/13 [ PDF ][HTML]
Ninth EDF Project Caribbean Integration Support Programme (CISP) Statistical Component Project Status Report for the period - 1 November 2008- 30 September 2009 SCCS/2009/34/28 [ PDF ][PPT]
Progress Report on the Development of DevInfo, Consideration of a Regional Template and the Presentation of CARICOMInfo
SCCS/2009/34/30 [ PDF ][PPT]
Suriname - Report 2009 SCCS/2009/34/14 [ PDF ][HTML]
The Bahamas - Report 2009
SCCS/2009/34/15 [ PDF ][HTML]
Jamaica - Country Report SCCS/2009/34/16 [ PDF ][HTML]
Antigua and Barbuda - Report from Statistics Division SCCS/2009/34/17 [ PDF ][HTML]
The British Virgin Islands - Report SCCS/2009/34/20 [ PDF ][HTML]
Barbados - Work Status Report at October 2009 SCCS/2009/34/22 [ PDF ][XLS]
St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Status Report SCCS/2009/34/23 [ PDF ][HTML]
Report of the Fourth and Fifth Meetings of the Advisory Group on Statistics SCCS/2009/34/25 [ PDF ][HTML]
Trinidad and Tobago - Country Report SCCS/2009/34/26 [ PDF ][HTML]
Anguilla - Country Progress Report SCCS/2009/34/32 [ PDF ][HTML]
Bermuda - Progress Report October 2007 - October 2008 SCCS/2009/34/33 [ PDF ][HTML]

Bermuda Government Department of Statistics National Statistics Day

SCCS/2009/34/34 [ PDF ][HTML]
Guyana - Progress Report SCCS/2009/34/35 [ PDF ][HTML]
Caribbean Financial Statistics Project by Caribbean Centre for Money and Finance SCCS/2009/34/18 [ PDF ][PPT]
Draft Monitoring Framework for the priorities for national action 2008-2011based on the Regional Framework For Action For Children 2002-2015 by Cairan O'Toole UNICEF SCCS/2009/34/21 [ PDF ][XLS]
Dakar Declaration on the Development of Statistics SCCS/2009/34/24 [ PDF ][HTML]
ICP 2011 - Developments in the Caribbean by UNECLAC SCCS/2009/34/31 [ PDF ][HTML]
Draft Agenda-RCCC RCCC/2009/17/1 [ PDF ][HTML]
Status Report on the Implementation of a Regional Strategy of Support to the conduct of the 2010 Round of Population and Housing Censuses in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
RCCC/2009/17/2 [ PDF ][HTML]
Status Report of the Common Census Framework - Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Support
RCCC/2009/17/3 [ PDF ][PPT]
Trinidad and Tobago - Country Report
RCCC/2009/17/4 [ PDF ][HTML]
Jamaica - Country Report
RCCC/2009/17/5 [ PDF ][HTML]
Suriname - Country Report
RCCC/2009/17/6 [ PDF ][HTML]
The Bahamas - Country Report RCCC/2009/17/7 [ PDF ][HTML]
Guyana - Country Report RCCC/2009/17/8 [ PDF ][HTML]
Grenada - Country Report
RCCC/2009/17/9 [ PDF ][HTML]
Bermuda- Country Report
RCCC/2009/17/10 [ PDF ][HTML]
St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Country Report
RCCC/2009/17/11 [ PDF ][HTML]
St. Kitts and Nevis - Country Report
RCCC/2009/17/12 [ PDF ][HTML]
Anguilla - Country Report
RCCC/2009/17/13 [ PDF ][HTML]


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