National Accounts Digest

The main purpose of the National Accounts report is to provide in a single publication a compilation of statistics for the CARICOM region covering the economic conditions and performance as reflected in the Gross Domestic Product. Most of the data presented were submitted by the National Statistical Offices or were extracted from national and/or sub-regional reports. More specifically the report presents:
  • the total real GDP of CARICOM at constant prices;
  • the growth rates of GDP;
  • the industry profile of each country’s GDP at current and constant prices;
  • the profile by expenditure components of GDP
  • Key national account aggregates for selected countries

The report presents data in Eastern Caribbean dollars ($EC) and in national currency at constant and current prices.  Due to problems associated with the official changes in the exchange rates to the $EC data on percentage changes at current prices are  presented only in national currency. A few key selected summary statistics such as per capita GDP and the summary of GDP for  all Member States are also presented in United States dollars ($US).

The national account data presented in this report uses the data available from the national statistical offices as an authoritative source of information. In specific cases, countries will flag preliminary or crude estimates usually for the latest available years. In other instances,  the identification of excessively high changes in variables, irregular fluctuations, lack of agreement of identical country totals  (GDP by expenditure and industry), valuation problems and other similar irregularities are noted in the course of the evaluation and analysis of the data at the CARICOM level. In some cases, however, there are no ready short-term solutions to ascertain whether the outlying values are anomalies or not. Further analysis and use of the data will undoubtedly highlight more questions that need to be addressed.


The following reports are available for downloading in Adobe Acrobat.

National Accounts Digest: 2012-2019 -Volume I  National Accounts Digest 2019  (2.5 MB)

National Accounts Digest: 2012-2018 -Volume I   (1.45 MB)

National Accounts Digest: 2009-2015 -Volume II   (2.67 MB)

National Accounts Digest: 2009-2015 -Volume I   (2.65 MB)

National Accounts Digest: 2008-2014 -Volume II    (5.03 MB)

National Accounts Digest: 2008-2014 -Volume I   (2.82 MB)

National Accounts Digest: CARICOM Associate Members, 2006 - 2012    (1.56 MB)

National Accounts Digest: 2007-2012 -Volume I   (3.07 MB)

National Accounts Digest: 2006-2011 -Volume I   (2.94 MB)

National Accounts Digest: 2006-2011 - Volume II   (2.57 MB)

National Accounts Digest: 2003-2006   (2.11 MB)

National Accounts Digest: 2000-2003   (1.59 MB)

National Accounts Digest: 1990-1999    (1.51 MB)


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